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Note from Nayad: The series continues. This week I'll post interviews with authors contributing to my speculative fiction anthology, WHAT FATES IMPOSE: Tales of Divination. If you want to read strange tales about predicting the future, you've found the right book. I hope you enjoy these author interviews!

As of this afternoon we have only five more days to go on the Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign for WHAT FATES IMPOSE. We're up to $4,267 from 178 Beloved Backers. That's almost 85%, but we still need some help to get to $5,000. The Countdown Is Happening.

If you'd like to help out, you can easily tell friends about the book by clicking here. If you contribute any amount from $1 on up at our Kickstarter page, you will get a bonus art download in addition to whatever rewards you choose! Will you help us? Because we would love to create this book and pay our authors pro rates for their work.

Remy Nakamura is a graduate of the Clarion West workshop, and one of the excellent writers contributing to Inkpunks, and I personally covet at least one of his shirts (the one he was wearing when I met him in the middle of the night at WorldCon in Reno). His story for WHAT FATES IMPOSE: Tales of Divination is called "Pick a Card." It features Tarot cards and a tortured man in prison who seeks a way out.

I'll let Remy take over now to tell you about his reasons for using Tarot cards, his themes, and the way he came up with the idea for his story.
*Ferris Bueller-style group dances start up on stairways across America*

What's interesting to you about divination?

I'm fascinated by what it tells us about the way we think about the universe and our place in it. We are a pattern-seeking species in a random universe. We desperately seek purpose and meaning for our existence.

Have you ever had a reading (Tarot, palm, runes, or whatever)? If so, what did you think of the experience? Was it accurate, or at least useful?

I collect Tarot decks for the art, and occasionally read them for myself and friends. Sometimes for fun, but more often to jump start creativity or as a form of psychotherapy.

If you are against the idea of getting your fortune told, what are your reasons for that?

I think of divination as psychology, entertainment, myth, or a form of story telling.

How did you get started on developing the idea for your story in What Fates Impose?

I was suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia one night, and started thinking about others lying awake in much worse situations. Also, I wanted to challenge myself and write a non-linear narrative, with characters and situations I was scared to work with.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Find friends and colleagues who can help you grow as a writer through both helpful critiques and ready encouragement.

Which subjects and themes do you write about often, and why?

I seem to write a lot about religion and sex and mushrooms. I think mushrooms are a stand-in for death, and I probably obsess way too much about all three topics.

What's your favorite story of all the stories you've written, and why?

It's either "Forbidden Feast at the Armageddon Cafe", about two intelligent foodie zombies, or an unpublished story about the tragic romance between a mushroom maiden and a human man.

What do you like and dislike about the process of writing a story for a themed anthology?

I like the risk of trying to write something different, something that might stand out from all the other submissions.

Where can people find other published work of yours?

I'm in the Rigor Amortis anthology (Zombie Love!), the Broken Time Blues anthology (1920s spec fic), and on the Pseudopod horror podcast. I also worked on a graphic novel about Mormon polygamous wives who are steampunk superspies with Galen Dara. I blog at Mind on Fire and for Inkpunks. My twitter handle is @remymura.


Only five days left until the WHAT FATES IMPOSE Fundraising Campaign succeeds or fails on July 14, 2013. It's all or nothing!

(That URL is http://bit.ly/kickfate.)

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