Saturday, August 17, 2019

Two Sonnets

(Sunset over Lake Mendota)


To get myself back into blogging, I've decided to let you know that I sometimes write sonnets! Here are two of them - one new, one old. Enjoy? I hope you will.


Into the World

We did not meet while I was in the maze,
Believing that I wasn’t lost at all,
Yet winding ever deeper through my days,
To inward darkness, ever more in thrall.

We could not meet while I, with covered eyes
Kept to my house, to pathways known and clear,
And blinded to the world’s exquisite size,
Knew only of the small and of the near.

We would not meet till I was forced to wake
Into a time so startling and so bright
That first it burned, and then for healing’s sake
I went outside to learn to love the light.

Now through the glowing world I travel, keen
To see each face and vista, and be seen.

- August 4, 2019


My Tribe

I walk through normal life, an oddity,
My colors bright, my mind never at rest,
And never meet the likes of one like me,
Beset by words, by haunting image blessed.

I sleep through dreams of spaces where alone
I search for signals sent from my own kind,
Or listen for the light enchanting tone
Of longed-for voices merrily combined.

But when I gladly meet my tribe anew,
And read from flashing eyes acceptance dear,
I join the ones I love, the charming few,
To laugh, to understand, to gather near.

Our colors blend in vibrant harmony;
Combine in patterns no one else can see.

- November, 2007