Thursday, October 13, 2011

Breaking the silence! With stories!

Hi. My name is Nayad A. Monroe, and I'm addicted to not blogging. I've been not blogging for the last two months, and I really want to get not blogging out of my life. My not blogging has gotten out of control.

Two writing-related things that have happened in the two months: story releases! The Crimson Pact: Volume Two is a demon-fighting anthology edited by Paul Genesse that includes "Three Transformations," by me. It shows what happens when Emily, who is just trying to run a no-kill animal shelter, receives unexpected and unwanted visitors who challenge her worldview with a vengeance.

Going in a different direction, there's Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales #5, edited by Jennifer Brozek, full of space opera stories about the lost, forgotten, and homeless in the far future. It contains "Running in Wonderland," also by me. A refugee from a destroyed planet has one day to get a job done in the underworld of an unfamiliar and corrupt space station.

In the last two months, I also went to WorldCon in Reno, Nevada, and started the early stages of writing a novel, and (more recently) also developed my habitual fall urge to MAKE THINGS NOW (this year, it's flowers made of machine-felted sweaters!). Combined with my daily slush-reading for Clarkesworld Magazine (have you read the October issue yet?), and my child-care duties, my not blogging has been thoroughly enabled. The enabling will continue all the way through my trip to San Diego for the World Fantasy Convention, where I may or may not either appear on a panel or do a reading, depending on what the organizers say when they get back to me about that.

Okay, silence broken. See ya later! :)