Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Have Messed Up My Neck

I spent a lot a lot I mean a LOT of time at my computer over the last two weeks. I didn't realize how incorrectly I had been sitting until about a week ago, when that neck I mentioned started to feel sore. But at that point there was still so much computery stuff left do do, with deadlines, that I rearranged the way i was sitting and just kept working. 

I'm testing the Blogger app on my phone from my bed today because that was not an effective solution! For one thing, my neck really needed more of a break, and for another, I kept catching myself back in the same old bad position every time I got absorbed in what I was working on. So today I shall rest this neck in the least painful position I can find, with occasional breaks to gently stretch it and move it around, and I'll avoid sitting at the computer. 

But hey! If this is the price of victory, I'll pay it! Because two big and awesome things are done now: the funding for What Fates Impose, AND my new alternate history story of Incan Steampunk, "The Emperor Everlasting." That required so much research, but I learned a lot of actual history and ended up with a story I love.

This means Victory Mohawk pictures will be slightly delayed (wouldn't want pained grimaces smudging the Victory of it all), but you'll definitely get them! I promise!


  1. Can you work standing up somewhwer? I was able to configure my graphic-arts-environment working area to enable either standing at the keyboard, or sitting in a tall engineering chair, and I change the mouse from right-handed to left-handed and back every so often to keep my spine happy-ish... The keyboard is just below the point of my hipbones when I stand, which seems to work best for me. Bonus benefit, I can do ballet leg stretches while I work!

    Just a thought!

    - Patrick

  2. Oh, I feel for you!!! I did the exact same thing to myself a few weeks ago... not the point where I had to stay in bed, but enough that I was uncomfortable and worried. Definitely look at the ergonomics of your workstation when you're feeling better. I ended up adjusting the height of my monitor, which helped some. I really need a little wearable alarm that goes off whenever you start slouching. :-\

  3. Ice it some, too. That should help. Congrats on all the big things!