Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring! Cleaning! Frenzy!

(When there are no real flowers: FAKE FLOWERS)

One thing I can count on every year is that I will get to a point when I sense spring coming, and at that point, I will need to not just clean my house as if my life depends upon it, but also CHANGE THINGS AROUND and GET RID OF THINGS and GET NEW THINGS. I behave almost as if I am a biological organism acting upon seasonally-triggered instincts. I need to basically clear my schedule for a while and do this thing with every available moment. Because of that, this post is going to be short! 

In the last week, I have rearranged the furniture in four rooms, moved furniture from one room to another, moved art from place to place, and cleaned out my walk-in hall closet (which had somehow been neglected by my efforts for the last three years). I have also created a different set-up for my yarn storage, chosen some furniture items to repaint, and ordered a bunch of seed trays and seeds so that I can start growing plants to put outside after the last average frost (which will not be until MID-MAY). And? I'm not even done. I have to get back to it and accomplish as much as possible within the next few days, because another thing I can count on every year is that I will lose steam after a couple weeks of this, and go back to doing my normal things. Except for planting things outside. I expect to dive into that for the last few weeks of May, and then be over that by mid-June at the latest.

It's a system? I guess? It keeps me from being bored with my environment and letting unused things pile up.