Saturday, November 10, 2018

All the Qualities I Love about Being Human - A Thumb-Haver's Objective List

(Tabitha thinks humans are overrated - especially when they interrupt naps)


This post is coming at you from a prompt in a book called List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery, by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velick. Look, sometimes the books in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble assert hypnotic powers upon hapless passers-by. There's really nothing to be done about this well-known phenomenon which involves proven science. 


Anyway, the book has powers and it says to list all the qualities I love about being human. Let's see what happens.

  • I love having a proportionately huge brain that allows me to learn, speak, and write in languages. Not gonna lie, that's cool. I would like to thank that quality for bringing me to this place and time in which I'm writing a blog that can be read by you. A related thing I love is being able to learn all kinds of other things.
  • I love having the ability to love, due to some top-notch mammalian features humans do have. I mean, I would love it just as much if I were a dog, maybe even more, but I wouldn't be able to articulate it if I were a dog, so I'd just have to do things like wagging my tail so hard it might fly off. My point is that I appreciate all of the bonding emotions humans are capable of. I'm not really sure why you brought up dogs, but since we're friends I'm going to let that slide. 
  • I love many features of civilization. Can't say I love them all, but, you know. Those other features are outside the purview of the requested list. I think I have an idea for another list to do another day, now that I think of it. Whether the book demands it or not. I get to have my own ideas too, book!
  • I love human creativity. Art, music, fiction, scientific discoveries, helpful inventions, delicious food and drinks... When we create positive things like these, or enlightening works that express uplifting ideas, that's human nature at its best. 
  • Being bipedal is pretty sweet, too. I mean I can be walking and doing something else with my hands at the same time, taking advantage of the really practical thumbs that are standard features of human hands. Like, how many creatures get both of those things on a consistent basis? Not fucking many. 
  • I personally am a fan of not growing fur on my face, although I guess there are some humans who aren't as into the non-furry-face thing, given the size of the beards I'm seeing these days. That's cool if that's what you like, but we all know it's not really fur. 
  • I like the fact that we can meditate. Not only can we meditate, but doing so on a regular basis allows humans to change their own brains. So theoretically I can use my brain to change my brain. I think that's the biological equivalent of a mic drop, so I'm going to end this right here.
Assuming you, dear reader, are also human, get on with your humaning and have a great arbitrary time period conceptualized and measured by humans!

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