Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Whoo, It's Been a Time

 Hey there. Hi. Long time no post. I get it! I apologize.

Anyway, I'm alive. When the pandemic started in March of 2020, I became very cautious and probably at least a little bit depressed, and all of my writing suffered. I watched a lot of shows and got deeply absorbed in playing a few video games. One high point of 2020 was receiving a hardcover, illustrated author copy of an anthology with one of my stories: "The Circus Reborn," in Midnight Under the Big Top. It was edited by Brian James Freeman and released by Cemetery Dance, and it contains stories by a lot of really excellent, well-known authors (like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, for just two examples). I would have promoted it way more, but the book was a fancy limited edition that sold out within twenty-four hours! Never has a peak publishing experience felt more exciting and more painful at the same time. I really wish there were a larger release of a paperback version to tell you about. If there ever is, I will.

I'm a mask-wearing, vaccinated avoider of crowds at this point, due to variants of the virus going around. A couple of months after getting my second dose of the vaccine in April of 2021, I did go on a road trip with my now live-in fella, but then the case numbers started to rise radically and we started to stay in a lot more, to be careful.

I've started to write fiction again, and I'm actually enjoying it. No new publications to report, but I thought I'd post a wee update to reveal that I'm still here, doing the thing. I hope you're also alive and well. Maybe I'll even get back into the habit of writing new posts on a semi-regular basis.

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