Monday, November 19, 2018

The Internet Is SOOOOOOO EXHAUSTING Today, Not to Mention All the Other Days

(I took this photo in Door County, Wisconsin, a month ago)

(It feels like that trip was five years ago)

(Not cool, internet)



Today I wasn't even on the internet that much. I went out. I was in the real world. I did real things. Yet somehow I encountered, in small peeks at the internet, a wide array of arguments, news of the so-called President's ill-informed blunders, a comedian I used to like being aggressively divisive, and people mocking the physical appearance of other people. A person who flounce-unfriended me on Facebook a while back, over pretty close to nothing, showed up to give me some advice on Google+, where apparently they still followed my posts (I was reminded to block them). This is what I've come to accept as a commonplace kind of day on the internet, even as a person who actively shuns drama. 

I don't know, y'all. I like some features of the internet a lot, but some days being connected to so many people just reminds me that hell is other people.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with a more upbeat state of mind and interesting things to say. But I have decided that for the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, I'll pause the NaBloPoMo blogging to just have a freaking real-life holiday, and that should refresh me enough to spill over into December with the remainder of my 30 NaBloPoMo posts.

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