Monday, November 5, 2018

I Got a Plant!

(This is the plant. It is Tabitha-approved.)


I've been wanting more indoor plants - many more, like kind of an indoor jungle? - for a long time, but I've always been nervous about what the cats would do to them, and what they in turn might do to the cats. After researching and dithering for literally years, I finally reached a new stage in my deliberations and went looking for a Boston Fern and/or a Reed Palm. I chose them because neither kind is toxic to cats according to the ASPCA website, and they can both live with indirect light. I ended up with this lovely big Reed Palm. The cats have all sniffed it and taken turns sitting beside it, but they're being surprisingly chill about the situation.

It's going to take some thought and modifications to add more. I have a lot of space, but I don't have many good places for plants at the moment. There are two spider plants hanging from the two ceiling hooks I have available, but only one of them is really thriving. I want to figure out how to add little grow lights to the spots I have where there's not even indirect natural light, or install more ceiling hooks that are sturdy enough to be useful, or add little shelves that the cats can't access. I don't mind the thought of moving or getting rid of stuff to make space for more tall plants, after testing how well they grow and the cats behave with them. I guess that the more plants I end up with, the less cat-based peril there will be for each of them. There are only so many hours in a day for plant-shredding when one needs a certain number of naps.

I'm all psyched up about having more indoor plants because:
  • I like the way they look, especially in the winter when there's not much green outside
  • They smell good
  • They absorb carbon dioxide and pollution
  • They create oxygen
  • I don't think I really need more reasons than this, do you you? Thanks for understanding.
So YAY PLANT. Gotta go, more blog tomorrow, votey-vote-vote!

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