Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hello from Slobsville - AKA Let Me Tell You about My Home Office

(I never said I was perfect)


Before you get worried, let me just say that I'm about to launch into decluttering. My office is the messy room in my house. I mean, the other rooms are lived-in for sure, but the office is that one room where I put things I'm going to do something with later. It's like... not really a junk room, but it contains a lot of things that currently have more potential than realization. You know? You know. I know you know. 

It's gotten to the point where it's harder to declutter and tidy up because there are no free surfaces to sort things on. It's a roughly 10' x 14' room that contains a computer desk, printer stand, two tall cabinets that are about 3 feet wide each, and also the intended-for-art table pictured above, a couple of smaller freestanding storage furnishings, a couple of to-be-painted small furniture items (an end table and a narrow cabinet, if you must know). It has a built-in closet and drawers that are pretty full of things to make things with, and upper cabinets that are too high for regular use (one of which has a half-broken door that hangs crookedly if I open it. Not to mention all the stuff on, in, and around the aforementioned furniture and cabinets and the floor. 

I SUCK *begins to hyperventilate*

Drama? Where?!

I swear to you that I do have plenty of reasonable, functional other rooms in which there are clear and usable surfaces. One might even be forgiven for thinking of my office as sort of an enabler of a room, lacking the boundaries to stop taking on the other rooms' messes, so that they might function while the office chokes. With the possible objection that it is I, the sentient human, who is in fact responsible and conveniently anthropomorphizing rooms like a crazy person, in this scenario.

The plan, then, is that I'll choose a section of the mess at a time, and do the whole hoarder-show "keep, toss, or donate" routine until that bit is dealt with, and then I'll pick another section, and so on. Maybe I'll even do a follow-up post during this month of thirty or more blog posts. 

Speaking of more blog posts... At EcoAnxiety Club I've added a post for patrons who support my dealing-with-climate-change project at the level of $1 per month. It's about how I accidentally stopped using air conditioning in my house four years ago, and why I eventually continued with that on purpose, and how that's been working out for me. Plus links to interesting related information, and ideas for dealing with humidity! So if you're into that kind of thing, that will be the first of many you'll get for one single dollar per month. I promise I won't be cranking up the sales pitch in every single blog post, by the way. I'm not like that.

Have a great day, you! 

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