Monday, December 12, 2016

Serial Hobbyizing and Bingeing

...Binge-WATCHING, that is. As in TV shows.

Last year, in the fall, I learned how to knit hats on round knitting looms. I made many, many hats. During that time, I realized that just the knitting alone wasn't enough for me to feel entertained, so I started to binge-watch TV at a level that I'd previously never achieved. I watched all four seasons of House of Cards in a month or so, because when I do a new hobby, I for sure and completely do it. I have to contain "hobby time" to my evenings, because if I just went with my impulses I would simply hobby out 24/7 until the point of collapse. That's my idea of self-discipline. Finding a way to avoid killing myself by obsessively hobbying.

Also, when I'm done with a hobby, it's full-on OVER. I may be in the middle of a project. I simply stop. I'm sure this is related to overdoing it in the first place. Sometimes I'm done forever. Other times, I return to the activity later. That's been the way with knitting, this year. As the summer started to shut down, I found that I had many new knitting ideas. Bigger projects, using long knitting looms and an ingenious S-shaped afghan loom. People of the Internet, since the end of August of THIS YEAR, I have knitted:

  • Three rugs
  • Four hats
  • And two blankets large enough to cover a full bed (one of which I just finished yesterday, and I'm actually psyched up to start another because I AM A FREAK.
...and mind you, this has taken place just during my evenings! 

As you might suspect, I've been watching a LOT of TV while all that knitting was going on. There are eleven seasons of Supernatural on Netflix. Watched 'em. I've also watched six seasons of Shameless, and I'm two-thirds of the way through Penny Dreadful. I almost want to be done with this round of knitting just to reclaim my hobby time for something else, like more reading than I've been doing, or, say, Creative Dog Grooming, because why NOT dive deep into making a dog look like the cast of The Muppets or a whimsical snail in a flower garden? Click through for pictures because I am not making this up. I am, however, making up the likelihood of me doing that hobby. I don't even have a dog, for one thing.

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