Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Is Not Always Better, Unless You're Talking about Kittens

(My new kitten, Annabelle)


Today's photo has nothing to do with today's topic. BUT LOOK AT THIS SWEET LITTLE FACE.


I'm really here about the reading challenge I signed up for this year on I was possibly a little too ambitious. See, for my 2015 challenge, I said I would read 50 books in 2015 and I did. Just barely. 

Then I thought I should really PUSH MYSELF for 2016, so I signed myself up to read 60 books this year. As of today, December 7th, I'm at 52, and almost done with two more books, but even after those two are done I'll need to finish reading six books by the end of December 31st if I'm going to finish the challenge. I might do it. I might take a couple/few days to just read, and choose some short books so that I can finish them. I've already read more books than I did last year. However, I'm starting to feel that this challenge thing is not helping me, for the following reasons:
  • I sometimes avoid choosing longer books, just to get done faster.
  • I rush through reading books, just to get done faster.
  • I force myself to finish books I don't really like, just to avoid losing the sunk cost of the time I've put into starting to read them.
...and for what? To say I've technically read a large-ish number of books, when I didn't get much out of them due to the rushing though? That's just dumb. The main benefit I get out of the reading challenge is that I end up with a convenient list of what I've read in a given year, in order. To get that benefit, I could sign up for a much smaller challenge--say, 12 books in a year, because I'd have to spend most of the year in a coma to avoid reading that many. So that's what I'm going to do. I'll probably end up reading more, but it will be at the pace I want, because I feel like it. 

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