Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WHAT FATES IMPOSE: Now on Kickstarter!

The stories are in and the Kickstarter page is up. This anthology only needs some love. If you're already excited about What Fates Impose and you know all about Kickstarter, you can go and see the table of contents and backer rewards right now!

If you'd like to know more about the book first, there's more information below.

Life is uncertain, and the chance to get a peek into the future is tempting... but is it a good idea to look?

What Fates Impose is an anthology of original speculative stories about the complications of predicting the future. I've accepted twenty-two stories from twenty-one authors so far, including Cat Rambo, Ken Scholes, Lucy A. Snyder, Tim Waggoner, and Eric James Stone (twice!).

The book includes an introduction by Alasdair Stuart. If you only do your ears one favor today, make it the act of listening to Alasdair read an excerpt from that introduction in his enchanting voice. To hear it, click this link, and then click the "play" button on the cover image.

The stories in What Fates Impose cover a wide range of divination methods, and they put diverse characters through struggles with the tricky effects of seeing limited glimpses of the future. There's always the question of whether the oracle is telling the truth, and the other question of whether everyone is interpreting the truth correctly. What should they do? What would you do?

When I approached Alliteration Ink with a couple of anthology proposals last fall, I wanted to not only edit an anthology of short stories, but to be able to pay the authors professional rates for their work. In order to get this done as soon as possible, I had the idea to launch a Kickstarter project to bring in just enough funding to pay for the stories. The publisher will take care of the rest. is a website where creative people can seek funding for products they want to make. They create a page that describes their product—such as a book!—and how much money they need to raise in order to create it. People who want the product can become backers, pledging a certain amount of money in advance so that the product can be made. If that entire amount is pledged, the product gets its funding. If people don't pledge the entire amount, no one pays anything.

The fun thing about the pledges is that we offer a list of rewards for people who pledge specific amounts, and through the excellent reward system, project backers can pre-order the book with or without a variety of other cool stuff. The list of rewards is on the right side of the page, and it is comprehensive!

If you want to help with getting this book published, the completely FREE way to do it is to tell people about it through links, tweets, Facebook updates, and so on. I will appreciate and adore every effort you make to tell the world about this over the next month. The Kickstarter page includes a list of reward levels starting with only $1 to have your name listed in the eBook of What Fates Impose as a project backer, and the list goes on up to include extra eBooks, handmade crafts from the authors, new divination-themed cocktail recipes, fiction critiques from several different authors, and on up through an online writing class and an eBook conversion. Many of these are limited, so check soon!
See the full list of rewards here!

I hope you will consider contributing toward making this book (and my dreams) become tangible. If you get to the page and then want to think about it before backing the project, you can click the little "Remind me" star, under the cover image, to get a reminder email sent to you before the project ends on July 14, 2013.


  1. I just backed you on one of the limited rewards. You really do have some awesome choices there!


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